The Golden Pixel Cooperative: Überschreitungen

Text intervention by Antonia Rahofer and Mona Schwitzer


A cooperation of Kunsthaus Graz and Diagonale'22.

Curated by: Michaela Humpel

The Golden Pixel Cooperative is the author of the trailer for Diagonale'22.

It is in any case very brave to follow your own path:

a crossing of levels,
a loophole to establish a new order,
a kind of world in which you can move.

Nothing can stop them
from rising above themselves,
that’s why their colours are so fiery.

From the film to the façade via the roundabout way of the word: The Golden Pixel Cooperative refers to two of its artistic film works as a medial and formal transgression:

On the one hand, it transfers sentences and syntactic units from its short film Half of the Sky onto the BIX media façade of the Kunsthaus Graz. The text of the film in its dialogical composition is expanded into a spatial level – in line with the ‘importance of one’s own place’ declared in Half of the Sky as the basis of human and artistic existence. During the festival week, this intervention moves on into virtual space, and so back into the figurative: in an Instagram takeover, members of the cooperative introduce specially selected images in addition to – or counter to – the façade text.

At the same time, fragments of a chat conversation between several cooperative members roll across the façade in dialogue format. They examine the nature of living together in the fragile hybrid space between life and work: the home office ecosystem. With words in vanish mode and a wink of the eye, the images of the trailer of the Diagonale’22 are called into action, following the ‘evergreen’ credo: You don’t have to be ecological. Because you are ecological.’


More about the exhibition

The Golden Pixel Cooperative, Indizien, 2021,

The Golden Pixel Cooperative


05.04.-18.04.2022   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Space03, Foyer

The cooperative's work is located at the interface between exhibition space and cinema, and its work is always committed to the dialogical process of collaborative action. more...

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