Project, BIX Fassade



05.05.-18.06.2023 Kunsthaus Graz, BIX Fassade

The Kunsthaus Graz becomes a multiplier of the "Landmarks for Future" movement and sends an SOS signal via its BIX media facade. It confronts us with the question of who will come to the aid of our ecosystem and thus our own future. more ...


Project, BIX Fassade

Simon Reitmann


27.03.-04.05.2023 Kunsthaus Graz, BIX Fassade

Like satellites around a celestial body, Simon Reitmann's lines and shapes orbit the BIX façade around the "Friendly Alien". more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Cosima Roth

For Artemis

09.01.-26.02.2023 Kunsthaus Graz, BIX Fassade

A wheel – an animal skull – a snake. Our attempts to read these charged images inevitably lead to associations. But what do they mean? more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

The Golden Pixel Cooperative: Überschreitungen

Text intervention by Antonia Rahofer and Mona Schwitzer

14.03.-26.04.2022 Kunsthaus Graz

On the one hand, it transfers sentences and syntactic units from its short film Half of the Sky onto the BIX media façade of the Kunsthaus Graz. more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Beyond The End Of The World


25.11.-14.12.2021 Kunsthaus Graz

During the exhibition Sometimes As A Fog, Sometimes As A Tsunami, SUPERFLEX will be showing clips from their new filmwork Beyond The End Of The World on the BIX media façade.  more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Onur Sönmez. Sunscriber

As part of SHOWING STYRIA. what will be

09.04.-24.11.2021 Kunsthaus Graz

The BIX light and media facade consumes as much energy as an average single-family house in a year. In the future, however, it will only illuminate the night if there were enough hours of sunshine in Graz during the day. more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Shape and Shade

Herbert Brandl features Thomas Baumann

22.10.2020-07.03.2021 Kunsthaus Graz

Black or white, yes or no, 0 or 1? In his examination of digital processes, Thomas Baumann uses straightforward decisions such as these to determine what might seem like a simplistic approach to complex correlations. more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Bill Fontana

Graphic Tides

13.03.-21.10.2020 18:00-22:00 Kunsthaus Graz

Parallel to the exhibition Primal Energies, the American sound artist Bill Fontana shows a video study of graphic tide patterns on the BIX media facade. more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Peter Kogler

BIX [Connected], 2019

27.06.-20.10.2019 Kunsthaus Graz

more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Your name on the Kunsthaus BIX façade

A BIX project by Klaus Pröpster

28.01.-13.02.2019 17:00-00:00 Kunsthaus Graz

Starting on 28th January, everyone had the chance to read their own name on the BIX façade. This was thanks to the winning project in the Kunsthaus BIX competition for FH Joanneum students, supported by Energie Graz. Anyone was able to join in at All participants also got free entry to the Kunsthaus Graz. more ...

Event, BIX Fassade

The Kunsthaus during the Festival of Sound and Vision

Monica Bonvicini: GUILT & Azra Akšamija: Diaspora Scroll (Mariahilf)

28.04.-30.04.2018 20:30-23:00 Kunsthaus Graz

Places: Kunsthaus and Mariahilferkirche (church facade) more ...


Monica Bonvicini. GUILT

On the occasion of the exhibition Faith Love Hope

11.04.-26.08.2018 19:00 Kunsthaus Graz

The letter sequence "GUILT" is a statement, a reminder and a denunciation without a specific addressee. The term can be found in two different places: on the BIX media facade at nightfall and as a mirrored object in Space01 in the group show Faith Love Hope. more ...


[{Ghost}]@Ars Electronica Festival Linz 2017

07.09.-11.09.2017 23:59-23:50 Kunsthaus Graz

The [{Ghost}] project is an artificial neural network, artificial intelligence that inhabits two different art institutions. more ...

Event, Conference

VR Playful Art

A talk, a Ghost and virtual games in a real space

01.09.2017 15:00-20:00 Kunsthaus Graz, Space02

A cooperation between the association Game Development Graz, the TU Graz and the Kunsthaus Graz within the scope of the Game Dev Days ( from September 1-3, 2017. The event is conceived by Johanna Pirker (Game Dev Graz, TU Graz), Tristan Schulze (artist) and Elisabeth Schlögl (Kunsthaus Graz). more ...

Project, BIX Fassade


In the Space

13.07.-10.12.2017 20:00-01:00 Kunsthaus Graz

How do we want to shape our digital environment? The project invites us to discuss this question. more ...

Event, Discussion

Im Licht der Öffentlichkeit

public prepositions

20.05.2017 19:00 Kunsthaus Graz, Space04

Questions on the meaning of public space as socio-political material will be discussed within the framework of "Licht 2017" with Mischa Kuball, Barbara Steiner, Elisabeth Fiedler and Bernhard Rinner (to be confirmed). Facilitated by Katrin Bucher Trantow. more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Mischa Kuball

public preposition | (DYS)(U)TOPIA

21.04.-31.05.2017 19:00-01:00 Kunsthaus Graz

Kuball is showing public preposition | (Dys)(U)topia, a script that mutates from the term Utopia to Dystopia and back again. In an endless loop of repetitions on the façade, he questions shifting perspectives on both architectonic and social developments, here and everywhere. more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Memento 71


Illumination of the BIX media façade of Kunsthaus Graz in memorial of the 71 victims found in a lorry near Parndorf in August 2015 more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Daniel Egg

Information Stream

18.11.-31.12.2014 16:00-00:00

Daniel Egg has employed cigarette smoke as a means of communication, developing a semantic vocabulary of form that is manifested in smoke. more ...

Project, BIX Fassade


12.04.-05.05.2013 20:00-11:03 Kunsthaus Graz

Commenting on different communication strategies between the public, the city and the Kunsthaus, a group of students of the international master in “Advancing Digitally Renewed Interactions in Art Teaching” (ADRIART) present their findings/experiments on participation for the BIX façade. more ...

Project, BIX Fassade


Terzo Paradiso

28.09.-22.12.2012 Kunsthaus Graz

Zwei Arbeiten von Michelangelo Pistoletto Auf der BIX Fassade und im Foyer am Bildschirm    more ...

Project, BIX Fassade


Farb-Licht-Zentrum, Zurich University of Arts

10.05.-14.06.2012 Kunsthaus Graz

Interaktive Live-Performance am 10.05. ab 20 Uhr   more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Takt - Kleine Fabel


10.06.-05.09.2011 Kunsthaus Graz

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Vermessung der Welt", geht das Künstlerduo zweintopf, Eva Pichler und Gerhard Pichler, der Frage nach Territorien und unsichtbaren Grenzziehungen nach.    more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

Xavier Veilhan


05.02.2010-01.05.2011 Kunsthaus Graz

"Pendule (2010)" lässt das Sehen vom Zweidimensionalen ins Dreidimensionale kippen und lässt die Fassade comicartic zum Spiegel der Fantasie ebenso wie zum real bewegten Objekt im Stadtraum werden.   more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

BIX Media façade

Opening at the Medienkunstlabor

29.05.2009 20:00 Kunsthaus Graz

For the opening of the new project Series Pixel Tattoos that will transform the BIX media façade during the next few days the four participating artist will give a short introduction to their work: more ...



BIX Media façade

29.05.-03.06.2009 Kunsthaus Graz

Pixel Tattoos ist das neue Projekt für die BIX Medienfassade.   more ...


Bix Media Façade

Modern Living

14.05.-17.05.2009 Kunsthaus Graz

A visual translation of the augmented realities project by ORTLOS and the students from the TU Graz taking place in the Media Art Lab during the festival Assembly more ...

Project, BIX Fassade


Equilibrium 3

01.12.2008-11.01.2009 Kunsthaus Graz

Ein BIX Projekt in drei Teilen   more ...

Project, BIX Fassade


Equilibrium 2

19.11.-08.12.2008 Kunsthaus Graz

Jubilation. Yes we can!   more ...

Project, BIX Fassade


Equilibrium I

28.10.-18.11.2008 Kunsthaus Graz

Die BIX Fassade des Kunsthaus Graz eröffnet die Herbstsaison mit einer dekorativen Bespielung, bei der sich organische Formen wie wilder Wein über die Oberfläche der Fassade ranken.    more ...

Project, BIX Fassade

„Conversations in Space“: Open air audiovisual Performance

In Cooperation with springeight Festival

22.05.-25.05.2008 Kunsthaus Graz

Der renommierte Videokünstler Mox (ninjatune, London) und die Pianisten Francesco Tristano und Kelvin Sholar (Komponisten, Pianisten und experimentelle Keyboarder, New York) zeigen eine audiovisuelle Arbeit auf der BIX Medienfassade des Kunsthaus Graz, die die minimale Architektur, Struktur und Lage des Hauses als Ausgangspunkt für Bild und Ton nimmt und live mit der Stadt und den Passanten in Verbindung tritt.   more ...

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