Hunting Is Female

Diana and Actaeon


Curated by: Karlheinz Wirnsberger with Eva Kreissl
Venue: Jagdmuseum

Postponed! The exhibition will be accessible from 01.07.2020. 

About the exhibition

Hunting was and is not a field of activity confined to men. If we research into history, we see that hunting was certainly shaped by women, too. This kind of leisure activity was a means of liberating oneself from the restraints of aristocratic social life; there was a certain latitude concerning clothing permitted to be worn: the ‘woman’ took part.

But the historical development of this subject already begins in pre-history, and then continues in mythology with the hunting goddess Diana and Actaeon who was enchanted by her, and shows how hunting has developed, with the aid of selected personalities.

At present, the percentage of women in hunting rises from year to year. We also look into whether and to what extent men and women pursue hunting for different reasons, or whether there is no difference.

This special exhibition is framed by the Diana and Actaeon cycle of Austrian artist Gerald Brettschuh.

Current developments and discussions beyond the raised hide and habitats for wild animals, the reproductive behaviour of wild animals and the resulting social consequences in the animal world round off the subject.



Hunting Museum and Agriculture Museum, Schloss Stainz

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