Hunting Museum Schloss Stainz

Permanent exhibition

Venue: Jagdmuseum

For millenia, hunting has been an integral part of human life. The hunting museum at Schloss Stainz showcases hunting culture in all its facets, not only presenting an extensive synopsis in terms of cultural history but also focusing on the interaction of man and nature.

Innovative presentation at Schloss Stainz

In an innovative presentation unique in Austria, our visitors learn many interesting facts about this phenomenon that holds great fascination for mankind. The visitor is introduced to the secrets of hunting with magnificent exhibits from the collections and interactive installations, excursions into the history of civilisation, rounded off by historical weapons and technical equipment.

The museum of hunting at Schloss Stainz sees hunting as a historical, sociological and philosophical-ethical phenomenon and appeals to a wide audience thanks to its interdisciplinary, cross-cultural approach. Our visitors encounter the "romantic hunter" and "wild rebel", but also historical weapons, Thomas Bernhard's "The Hunting Party" or wonder cures from folk medicine. On the second floor, finally, the tour continues as an exciting stalking exercise, where visitors can look out for animal tracks and listen to animal sounds. In addition, visitors also learn many interesting facts about current issues of wildlife ecology and the tasks of modern hunting.

The innovative presentation not only fits in consummately with the historical setting of Schloss Stainz, it also spotlights the long-standing tradition of hunting in Styria, particularly the founder of the Joanneum Provincial Museum, Archduke John, who was known as a passionate hunter. 


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Hunting Museum and Agriculture Museum, Schloss Stainz

Schlossplatz 1
8510 Stainz, Österreich
T +43-3463/2772-16


Opening Hours
01. July 2020 to 29. November 2020 Tue-Sun, public holidays 10am - 5pm
01. December 2020 to 26. March 2021 closed.
27. March 2021 to 01. December 2021 Tue-Sun, public holidays 10am - 5pm


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