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04 Open Collections (Permanent Exhibition) 05 100 x Styria (Permanent Exhibition) 
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Permanent Exhibitions

Permanent Collection

Open collections


The wealth of the collection is shown in the form of a storage display facility, as a dense collage of thousands of objects covering some 450 square metres. more...

Installation view,
Permanent Collection

100 x Styria


This exhibition format is aimed at all those wishing to gain an overview of the area’s history in a short time, yet also definitely tailored to tourists and schoolchildren. more...

Brigitte Kowanz

M / Light 2017

Brigitte Kowanz interacts with the architecture through her work which was specifically developed for the museum. The work opens the entrance optically and allows for a new experience of the space. more...

Current Exhibitions

Installation view, "Styrian Nightscape",

Current Exhibitions

at History Museum

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Krug mit Preisliste ("Preis-Courrent"), 1. Grazer Weißgeschirrfabrik Karlau, Vinzenz Dietrich, dat. 1827, Kulturhistorische Sammlung

1) Cultural History Collection

The collection contains about 35,000 objects belonging to all domains of artistically designed lifestyle from the Middle Ages up to the present. more...

2) Multimedial Collections

More than two million photographic, sound and filmic documents record the path taken by Styrians into the digital age. more...

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Styrian Armoury

Shining armour, magnificent swords and masterpieces of gunsmithing – the largest historic armoury in the world breathes the spirit of history. more...

Folk Life Museum

The permanent exhibition at the Folk Life Museum focuses thematically on three areas – The Home, Dress and Beliefs. These themes are represented by everyday things particularly of the pre-industrial period. more...


Whom does the Großglockner belong to?

Rosegger between conservation and progress


Opening: 24.03.2018, 11 am
Location: Rosegger Museum Krieglach more...

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