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Curated by:
Cultural History Collection: Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen
Multimedia Collections: Maria Froihofer

About the exhibtion

The showcase of the Museum of History shows the diversity of the Cultural History Collection and the Multimedia Collections.

Schaudepots are showcases in the heart of a museum. Their sole task is to present collections. In our Schaudepot you have the opportunity to explore the abundance of the Cultural History Collection and the Multimedia Collections as a dense object collage. The design of the Graz architectural office INNOCAD shows the objects in a raw, industrial-like atmosphere.

The first part of the Schaudepot shows about 2,000 physical objects from the Cultural Historical Collection. The Collection was created in the late 19th century with the aim of documenting the ‘cultural epochs of the state from the earliest medieval period to the present day’.

Today the collection encompasses some 35,000 musical instruments, furniture, scientific and technical devices, fashion for women, men and children, monstrances and rosaries, decorations and medals, sample books and rugs, tiles and busts, locks, candlesticks and burial crosses, drinking vessels and vases.

The wealth of the collection is shown in the form of a storage display facility, as a dense collage of thousands of objects covering some 450 square metres.

The second part of the Schaudepot shows objects from the Multimedia Collections. Starting with the collection items, we relate the history of the Multimedia Collections (MMC), exploring their changing functions and goals, and giving an idea of the struggle with the material impermanence of the fragile collection objects. Which photographs, films and audio documents were collected and archived? How did the changing missions, interests and activities, collecting passion and research spirit of those responsible shape the history and special character of these collections? What significance do the collections have in the context of a Styrian/Austrian history, what value in the context of the history of media at both the regional and national levels? The exhibition presents the genesis of this regional ‘media-library’ that gathers together some 2.5 million objects.


Open collections overview

Entering & Opening

In the first exhibition room, you find yourself surrounded by grilles, locks, door knockers and glazed tiles. These are representative of our wrought iron and ceramics collection.  Our  more...

Furnishing & Decorating

The next two rooms give you an idea of how home decor in Austria and Europe has developed from the Middle Ages to the modern period. Most of the objects on display date back to the period  more...

Eating & Drinking

The increasing demands on furnishing and decorating also led to the development of a new dining culture. In medieval times, there were the Tischzuchten, which were texts and books about  more...

Travel & Mobility

For a long time, getting around was uncomfortable, time-consuming and expensive: the Mur River was the most important transport route in Styria for centuries. People as well as goods were  more...

Research & Knowledge

Opposite the vehicles, you’ll find the Research & Knowledge area: the modern era sparked new ways of exploring the world and the cosmos. Modern research was based on observation and  more...

Work & Manufacturing

The wall at the end of the room is devoted to the topic of work. The basis of the display is our handicraft collection which contains around 120 chests, pots, tankards, signs, signets and  more...


Our collection of musical instruments primarily consists of string and wind instruments: including harps, lutes, violins, flutes, horns and trumpets. The Schaudepot presents a small sample  more...


The other walls in the room are devoted to faith and our extensive collection of religious objects: crucifixes, altar candlesticks, chalices, cruets, monstrances and holy water bottles.  more...

Clothes & Jewellery

The last room of the Schaudepot of the Cultural History Collection is devoted to textiles and jewellery: with around 6,100 rugs, tapestries, blankets, duvets, table linen, shoes, fans, bags,  more...

(Historical) Media Equipment

Analog photographs and film, video and sound recordings are dependent on the availability of technical equipment. The last room of the Schaudepot is devoted to these devices. In order to  more...


The invention of photography in the 19th century was a historic revolution in media: phenomena of the outside world could be recorded for the first time via optical and chemical procedures.  more...

Film & Video

The Multimedia Collections also includes a stock of Styrian films and videos. Cinematography is one of the many innovations produced by the 19th century. This made it possible to not only  more...


The technology necessary to record sound was invented at the turn of the 20th century. Prior to this, sound was ephemeral and tied to the moment, but now it could be conserved and played  more...

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24th/25th December 2023
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