how it was

Space and History


Opening: 09.04.2021
Curated by: Ulrich Becker, Walter Feldbacher, Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen

About the exhibition

Space and humans: the natural conditions prevailing in Styria have shaped the life of the people living here from the beginning. In turn, these dwellers have always endeavoured to shape and change nature to their advantage. Titled how it was, the contribution by the History Museum to SHOWING STYRIA 2021 is dedicated to the interplay between man and nature.

Using significant examples, the exhibition shows that history takes place not only in time, but in space, too. It has its centres and peripheries, its locations and crime scenes, its interfaces and interstices, its fast lanes and slip roads. These form the building blocks of a landscape that encompasses all the regions of Styria, which can be walked through and explored by the public.

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