Wolfgang Rahs

‘Seven Skills and a Lot of Bushes’


Opening: 15.10.2021
Curated by: Wolfgang Rahs

About the exhibiton

For some years the Ortwein Scholars, mediated by the Province of Styria’s Department 9 of Culture, Europe, Sport, have shown their works as part of the Schaudepot (showcase) at the History Museum. In 2021, Wolfgang Rahs, Graz-based jewellery artist and long-standing teacher at the Ortweinschule, will continue this series, showing a cross-section of his creative work as part of and adjacent to the corresponding area of the Schaudepot.

The connection in terms of content to the exhibition and book arises from the History Museum’s collection of decorative arts and from the presentation of the same newly arranged by Wolfgang Rahs in the Schaudepot, to be found close by Room 207.

Besides the exhibition ‘Seven Skills and a Lot of Bushes’, the existing avantgarde jewellery in the History Museum’s collection will go on show for the first time. With his commitment and exhibition, we present in the person of Wolfgang Rahs an ‘outstanding representative of the Austrian jewellery art scene’ (Dirk Allgaier) to the Styrian public.


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