A Land of Images

One multimedia history of Styria

27.11.2011-02.09.2012 10:00-17:00 Museum für Geschichte

The Multimedia Collections present the visual memory of Styria as a ‘land of images’ and reflect the image as a medium of seemingly invisible and subtle resistance as well.   more ...


Giampaolo Babetto

Jewellery 1970-2011

11.05.-25.09.2011 10:00-18:00

A series of contemporary exhibitions on the ground floor of the Museum im Palais kicks off with jewellery by Giampaolo Babetto.   more ...



From the moment to eternity

11.05.2011-31.12.2012 10:00-17:00

An exhibition that visits time as a cultural and social phenomenon.    more ...


Georg Peuerbach

Court astronomer and astrologer

11.05.2011-31.12.2012 10:00-18:00

Georg Peuerbach constructed the first folding sundial with inbuilt compass in 1451. This also took magnetic declination– the difference between geographical north and magnetic north - into account, which meant time could be stated precisely.    more ...

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