In a Time of Turmoil

The Village 100 Years Ago

29.04.-11.12.2022 Museum für Geschichte

Opening: 28.04.2022, 7pm more ...


Film and Cinema in Styria

11.03.2022-08.01.2023 Museum für Geschichte

The History Museum’s main exhibition in 2022 undertakes forays into the world of Styrian film and cinema history. more ...


‘I'm a photo amateur!’

In the archive of Eugen Hauber, 1925-1986

20.11.2021-03.04.2022 Museum für Geschichte

The Multimedia Collections devote themselves to a Graz photographer unjustly fallen into oblivion, whose photos have to date never been presented to the public. more ...


how it was

Space and History

01.11.2021-09.01.2022 Museum für Geschichte

The contribution by the History Museum to SHOWING STYRIA 2021 is dedicated to the interplay between man and nature. more ...


Wolfgang Rahs

‘Seven Skills and a Lot of Bushes’

16.10.-12.12.2021 Museum für Geschichte

Opening: 15.10.2021
Wolfgang Rahs, Graz-based jewellery artist and long-standing teacher at the Ortweinschule, will show a cross-section of his creative work as part of and adjacent to the corresponding area of the Schaudepot. more ...


SHOWING STYRIA: how it was

Space and History

10.04.-31.10.2021 Museum für Geschichte

The contribution by the History Museum to SHOWING STYRIA 2021 is dedicated to the interplay between man and nature. more ...


Forever Beautiful!

Styria in the Karl A. Kubinzky Collection

23.10.2020-21.02.2021 Museum für Geschichte

Along with tens of thousands of objects relating to Graz, the Kubinzky Collection contains some 12,500 picture postcards from the various regions of Styria. more ...


Your Graz!

The Kubinzky Collection at the Joanneum

28.02.2020-31.01.2021 Museum für Geschichte

"Your Graz", the major city exhibition, is aimed at residents of Graz, and indeed at all those who are interested in the city with its many attributes. more ...


The Future's Ours!

Amateur Photographs by Graz Resident Uto Laur between 1930 and 1970

31.01.-04.10.2020 Museum für Geschichte

The exhibition’s focus is on Laur’s photographs of Graz from 1930 to 1970. more ...


The Land of the Styrians in Working Clothes

Pictures of an Economic History

14.09.2019-19.01.2020 Museum für Geschichte

This exhibition is devoted to ‘work and economic activity’ in the regions of Styria from the mid-19th century to the turn of the millennium. more ...


Go Jump in a Lake, Styria!

07.06.-25.08.2019 Museum für Geschichte

Summer, sun and the fun of swimming are terms hardwired into our imagination. more ...


POP 1900–2000

Popular Music in Styria

15.03.2019-26.01.2020 Museum für Geschichte

POP 1900-2000 takes popular music in Styria in the 20th century as its theme. more ...


100 Years of Border III: 1946–2018

Life at the Border

01.02.-19.05.2019 Museum für Geschichte

Opening: 31.01.2019, 7pm
The third and final part of the exhibition series is devoted to what has permeated – and what has not – through the border from 1946 onwards right up to our times. more ...


100 Years of Border II: 1919–1945

Life at the Border

14.09.2018-20.01.2019 Museum für Geschichte

Opening: 13.09.2018, 7 pm
From national charge over National Socialist border displacement policy to the Iron Curtain. An exhibition in three chapters. more ...


100 Years of Border I: 1900–1918

The Period before Demarcation

19.04.-02.09.2018 Museum für Geschichte

From borders in our minds to borders in real life. An exhibition in three chapters. more ...


Peter Rosegger. Forest Home and a Changing World

09.02.2018-10.02.2019 Museum für Geschichte

This exhibit presents one of the most famous Styrian personalities: as a mountain farmer and author, between Waldheimat and Europe, characterized by patriotism, monarchy and nationalism, open to reformatory movements, as a commentator and admonisher on social issues. more ...

Permanent Collection

Bertl & Adele

Two Graz children in the Holocaust

26.01.2018-25.09.2022 Museum für Geschichte

The exhibition Bertl & Adele shows the Holocaust through the example of two children from Graz. more ...


Styrian Nightscape

Photo expedition to Styria by night

17.11.2017-08.04.2018 Museum für Geschichte

For most people night is the time of peace and quiet. Contrasting with this, night work and night life are part of urban leisure culture. In this photo-historical, documentary project, we set out to uncover ‘the land at night’. more ...


‘One Hammer Blow…’

500 years of Protestant faith in Styria

15.06.2017-07.01.2018 Museum für Geschichte

Our exhibition – key for Styria – is dedicated to the reverberations through the ages of his hammer blows, in this anniversary year, 2017. more ...


The Fauth photographs

A photo studio in west Styria

28.04.-08.10.2017 Museum für Geschichte

The exhibition tells this remarkable story by means of selected photographs and documents. more ...


The Production of Things

16.09.2016-07.05.2017 Museum für Geschichte

Taking as examples 30 objects from the Cultural Historical Collection, we trace the making of things from the initial material to the finished product. more ...


The River Mur

A Cultural History

28.08.2015-17.07.2016 10:00-17:00

The exhibition places at centre stage the relationship between man and Styria’s largest river – the Mur. more ...


Styria and the ‘Great War’

28.06.2014-05.07.2015 10:00-17:00 Museum für Geschichte

In cooperation with the University of Graz more ...


Rays of Light

Film and Cinema in Styria 1896-1945

28.02.-02.11.2014 10:00-17:00 Museum für Geschichte

In the competition with and against time, this exhibition would like to develop visitors’ sensibility for the one medium that has shaped the culture of the 20th century like no other. more ...


Gekämmt und gesteckt

06.02.-04.05.2014 Museum für Geschichte

Die Kulturhistorische Sammlung zeigt erstmals eine Auswahl der interessantesten Haar- und Steckkämme. Der überwiegende Teil stammt aus dem 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. more ...


A Land of Images

One multimedia history of Styria

27.11.2011-02.09.2012 10:00-17:00 Museum für Geschichte

The Multimedia Collections present the visual memory of Styria as a ‘land of images’ and reflect the image as a medium of seemingly invisible and subtle resistance as well.   more ...


Giampaolo Babetto

Jewellery 1970-2011

11.05.-25.09.2011 10:00-18:00

A series of contemporary exhibitions on the ground floor of the Museum im Palais kicks off with jewellery by Giampaolo Babetto.   more ...



From the moment to eternity

11.05.2011-31.12.2012 10:00-17:00

An exhibition that visits time as a cultural and social phenomenon.    more ...


Georg Peuerbach

Court astronomer and astrologer

11.05.2011-31.12.2012 10:00-18:00

Georg Peuerbach constructed the first folding sundial with inbuilt compass in 1451. This also took magnetic declination– the difference between geographical north and magnetic north - into account, which meant time could be stated precisely.    more ...


© Elfie Semotan

18.02.-01.05.2005 Museum für Geschichte

Elfie Semotan is regarded as a grande dame of Austrian fashion photography. The Image and Sound Archive
of Landesmuseum Joanneum are now presenting the first major personal exhibition of the artist. more ...

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