Permanent Collection

Open collections

The wealth of the collection is shown in the form of a storage display facility, as a dense collage of thousands of objects covering some 450 square metres. more...


Brigitte Kowanz

M / Light 2017

The light installation by Brigitte Kowanz was developed especially for the History Museum and combines the museum entrance with the urban appearance to create a new field of tension between heritage-protected substance and contemporary technology. more...


Styrian Nightscape

Photo expedition to Styria by night


For most people night is the time of peace and quiet. Contrasting with this, night work and night life are part of urban leisure culture. In this photo-historical, documentary project, we set out to uncover ‘the land at night’. more...

Permanent Collection

100 x Styria

This exhibition format is aimed at all those wishing to gain an overview of the area’s history in a short time, yet also definitely tailored to tourists and schoolchildren. more...

Permanent Collection

Bertl & Adele

Two Graz children in the Holocaust


Opening: 25.01.2018, 7 pm
The exhibition Bertl & Adele shows the Holocaust through the example of two children from Graz. more...


Peter Rosegger. Forest Home and a Changing World


Opening: 08.02.2018, 7 pm
This exhibit presents one of the most famous Styrian personalities: as a mountain farmer and author, between Waldheimat and Europe, characterized by patriotism, monarchy and nationalism, open to reformatory movements, as a commentator and admonisher on social issues. more...



100 Years of Border I: 1900–1918

The Period before Demarcation


Opening: 18.04.2018, 7 pm
From borders in our minds to borders in real life. An exhibition in three chapters. more...


100 Years of Border II: 1919–1945

Life at the Border


Opening: 13.09.2018, 7 pm
From national charge over National Socialist border displacement policy to the Iron Curtain. An exhibition in three chapters. more...

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