The Sound of St. Lambrecht

The Sound of a Place

13.01.-11.06.2023 Museum für Geschichte

​​​​​​​The exhibition takes visitors on a journey in which everything revolves around listening and tracing the peculiarities of sound. more ...


Turning points

Social Change since the Middle Ages

03.03.2023-07.01.2024 Museum für Geschichte

Society exists only in the mode of transformation. This is precisely what the exhibition is interested in with a view to Styria and the last almost 1,000 years. more ...

Permanent Collection

Open collections

Museum für Geschichte

The wealth of the collection is shown in the form of a storage display facility, as a dense collage of thousands of objects covering some 450 square metres. more ...

Permanent Collection

100 x Styria

Museum für Geschichte

This exhibition format is aimed at all those wishing to gain an overview of the area’s history in a short time, yet also definitely tailored to tourists and schoolchildren. more ...

Permanent Collection


Styria and National Socialism

Museum für Geschichte

The years of the National Socialist reign meant terror, persecution and the murder of millions of people. A new permanent exhibition in the History Museum is devoted to this period. more ...

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