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The museum is located in the former Capuchin monastery from the beginning of the 17th century at the foot of the Schlossberg in Paulustorgasse in Graz. It also includes a new building from the 1930s with the showrooms designed at that time, the "Trachtensaal" and the equipment hall (today the Stöcklsaal special exhibition space).

Points of interest

Permanent Collection

Folk Life Museum

Permanent exhibition

01.01.2014-31.12.2020 > Folk Life Museum

Die neu konzipierte Schausammlung zur steirischen Volkskultur widmet sich vor allem den Themen „Wohnen“, „Kleiden“ und „Glauben“ und zeigt die sozialen und kulturellen Beziehungsgefüge zwischen den Menschen und den von ihnen hinterlassenen Objekten.    more...

In Bed, exhibition view,

Current Exhibitions

at Folk Life Museum

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Church of St Anthony

St Anthony’s church was dedicated by Bishop Martin Brenner, the feared Counter Reformer, on 6th October 1602, in the presence of the court.   more...

Kreasengeld, um 1900, Taufgeschenk, Foto: Universalmuseum Joanneum

The Folk Life Museum’s collection

Tree themes cover the core areas of the Folk Life Museum’s collection, represented by everyday things (particularly of the pre-industrial period): The Home, Dress and Beliefs.    more...

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Permanent Collection

History Museum

01.01.2014-31.12.2020 > History Museum

The combination of the Cultural History Collection and the Multimedia Collection presents the history of Styrian society from various perspectives from the high middle ages to the present.   more...

Permanent Collection

Styrian Armoury

Living History

01.04.2017-31.12.2025 > Styrian Armoury

Shining armour, magnificent swords and masterpieces of gunsmithing – the largest historic armoury in the world breathes the spirit of history.


Village pond,

Austrian Open-Air Museum Stuebing

As the largest and only national open-air museum in Austria, it displays the formative historical architectural styles of the various federal provinces. 


Folk Life Museum

Paulustorgasse 11-13a
8010 Graz, Österreich
T +43-316/8017-9900


Opening Hours
03. April to 06. January 2020 Wed-Sun, public holidays 2pm - 6pm


Guided tours for groups
from 03. April 2019 to 06. January 2020 Tues-Fri outside of opening hours on advance notice


6th January 2020

24th/25th December
1st January 2020