Pretty colorful!

The rainbow phenomenon


Curated by: Dr. Peter Hörz

Rainbows have started to appear in various public spots lately: On the entrances of Billa supermarkets, as zebra crossing on the traffic lane in front of the Kunsthaus Graz, on ÖBB trains and shower gels. Even the venerable Karl-Franzens University in Graz was shining in colorful splendor last summer – online as well as offline.

But what do these rainbows mean, anyway? Who put them to life? Should they stay or should they go? And wait: isn’t this all about gender diversity somehow? After all, there must be a reason why Christopher Street Day is celebrated as Rainbow Parade in Vienna…

How about that rainbow in the Old Testament – what did it stand for again? And the famous Apple logo: didn’t it originally have rainbow colors?

The Folk Life Museum at the Paulustor puts the rainbow at the heart of a special exhibition and seeks answers to questions about a physical phenomenon with unsurpassed symbolic power.


This was the CSD-Day in Graz 2022!​​​​​​​



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29th May 2023

24th/25th December 2023