Worlds – Changes – Perspectives

Curated by: Curated by Birgit Johler with cooperation and contributions from Johannes Maier, Christiane Rainer (Folk Life Museum), the Visitor Services section of the UMJ, and Agnieszka Czejkowska with the team of the Department of Education and School Research at the University of Graz, Barbara Frischling, Nicole-Melanie Goll and Georg Hoffmann, Heimo Halbrainer, Eva Kreissl, Werner Michael Schwarz, Andreas Vormaier, Hans-Peter Weingand

Exhibition design: Benedikt Haid, Pretterhofer Arquitectos – Heidi Pretterhofer, MVD Austria with Michael Rieper

About the exhibition

The title Worlds - Changes - Perspectives marks the starting point for the Folk Life Museum’s new exhibition. It undertakes a survey of the current social situation and cultural forms of expression, linking these how a Central European region sees and perceives itself, one which also enjoys especial popularity as a tourist destination.

The focus shifts to those people living in Styria, staying here or connected with the region in some way or other. What affects people? What do they identify with, what are they concerned about, how do they shape their lives, environment and society? How do they relate to developments that influence their usual way of life?

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