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The rainbow phenomenon

02.07.-04.12.2022 Folk Life Museum

The Folk Life Museum at the Paulustor puts the rainbow at the heart of a special exhibition and seeks answers to questions about a physical phenomenon with unsurpassed symbolic power. more ...

Permanent Collection

Worlds – Changes – Perspectives

Folk Life Museum

The exhibition undertakes a survey of the current social situation and cultural forms of expression, linking these how a Central European region sees and perceives itself, one which also enjoys especial popularity as a tourist destination. more ...


Permanent Collection

The Folk Costume Room

13.11.2022-03.02.2024 Folk Life Museum

Neueröffnung: Oktober 2022
Der neue Trachtensaal will Viktor Geramb als Volkskundler, Sammler und Museumsleiter in den Blick rücken und kritisch würdigen. more ...

Folk Life Museum

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26th December 2022

24th/25th December 2022