About Flavia Solva

Flavia Solva, situated in the area of the market town of Wagna, was the only Roman city within the modern province of Styria and its most important Roman site. The Roman settlement developed near an earlier Celtic centre which was probably situated on a hillsite nearby, the Frauenberg near Leibnitz. In AD 70 the emperor Vespasian granted a municipal charter to Flavia Solva, officially elevating it to the status of a city. The local Celtic population was very open to new influences from Rome and rapidly adopted Roman culture and civilisation.


This is amply documented by various archaeological finds, most notably inscriptions and reliefs which are found in many locations around the area of the ancient city. These artefacts show that Flavia Solva was one of the most cultivated cities in the province of Noricum.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Archaeology & the Coin Cabinet at the Universalmuseum Joanneum is to preserve Styria’s oldest memories. Focused on the future, it acts as the interface between maintaining archaeological monuments, science, and the museum in its educational role.


Our research and education activities aim to raise awareness among Styrians, as well as visitors from elsewhere in Austria and abroad, concerning the preservation and sustainable usage of Styria’s rich archaeological and numismatic heritage.


The central locations where, in accordance with the mission laid down by the Joanneum’s founder, Archduke Johann, we provide access to knowledge and establish correlations are our museums: the Archaeology Museum, the Coin Cabinet and Flavia Solva.


We seek to provide a comprehensive record of all archaeological and numismatic monuments and sites of the province of Styria, and their scientific documentation. The research results of the Department of Archaeology & Coin Cabinet are shared with experts at the regional, national and international levels through publications and conferences.


The archaeological and numismatic collections that we have been entrusted with are of the greatest significance, both for the region and nation. We are committed to their conservation and restoration, which take place in compliance with international standards and according to the latest findings of experts in the field.


Flavia Solva

Marburgerstraße 111
8435 Wagna, Österreich
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Opening Hours

Here you can discover the oldest town in Styria—24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and free of charge. Take a walk round the building and look through the showcase at the objects of Roman times or explore the archaeological site! Information is available at several points on the way.