The documentation and study of the flora and vegetation, in particular of Styria, is the main task of the botanists at the Joanneum. The twin focuses lie on the groups of fern allies and flowering plants on the one hand, and macroscopic fungi on the other.


The botanical collections mainly consist of the Herbarium comprising more than 500,000 specimes in the meantime. It is continuously added to and made accessible to specialists in the field.


Research work primarily concerns themes to do with the macroscopic fungi and vascular plant flora of Styria as well as the vegetation of this province.


With a wide-ranging programme of talks, seminars and excursions, we offer curious laypeople and those with more advanced knowledge the chance to educate themselves further and to get to know others interested in biology.   


Last but not least the botanists at the Joanneum make sure that visitors to the Natural History Museum encounter botanical and fungi-related themes in the exhibitions that are set up in an informative and attractive way.

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