Alte Galerie

Permanent exhibition


Curated by: Ulrich Becker, Barbara Kaiser, Karin Leitner-Ruhe and Christine Rabensteiner

The Alte Galerie in Schloss Eggenberg – now in a new makeover!

Experience five-hundred years of European history as reflected by art and cultural history: In seven display rooms, outstanding examples of Gothic art testify to the religious faith of the Middle Ages; in fifteen redesigned themed rooms, masterpieces created in the Renaissance and Baroque periods bring to life the misery and splendour of the early modern period.

A constantly changing selection of precious hand drawings and prints from the Graphic Collection enriches the permanent exhibition through its use of complementary themes.

Romanesque and Gothic

Eternity and its Effigy. Art in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, art mainly served the glorification of God and the idea of a better life in the world hereafter. Numerous panels, statues and stained-glass paintings evoke a radiating world beyond, free of fear and misery.


Renaissance and Baroque Art

Between Dying and Dancing. Tales of the Early Modern Period

The epoch is often associated with Renaissance and Baroque splendour. Yet on closer inspection, this dazzling façade also reveals a blood-soaked litany of endless wars and bitter distress.


Graphic Collection

Prints – an early mass medium

As of the 15th century, the first paper mills create the basis  for the cheap and rapid production of graphic prints. The period is witness to a media revolution.


Alte Galerie, Schloss Eggenberg

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closed, admission with guided tours and by appointment only

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