The Succession of Christ

The Saints

According to the Gospel of St Matthew’s the work of the Apostles and saints is seen as a direct succession of Christ. The Roman Church, too, saw itself in this tradition. The worship of the saints was thus legitimised. The veneration of the saints became immensely popular in the late Middle Ages. The dramatic realism used in many illustrations rendered the saints as contemporaries.


Reliquary Bust of St Oswald

Styrian sculptor (?), c. 1400


Madonna with Saints

so-called Jörg Rottal Panel, dated 1505


St Martin and the Beggar, so-called Martin's Panel from Bruck

Master of the Martin's Panel from Bruck, dated 1518


Large Miracle Altar of Mariazell

Master of the Martin's Panel from Bruck, Circle, c. 1520


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