The holdings of the Alte Galerie consist of three main collections: the art of the Middle Ages, that of the early modern period – comprising the Renaissance, Mannerism and the Baroque – and prints and drawings in the Graphic collection. Consequently, the time frame ranges from the 12th century to around 1800.


Historically, the Alte Galerie dates back to the founding of the Steirisch Ständische Bildergalerie ("Styrian Estates’ Paintings Gallery") in 1819. In the 19th century, this institution – the Paintings Gallery of the Styrian Estates – was endowed with generous bequests and donations. Thanks to the initial donations by Archduke Johann from 1811 and noteworthy bequests by Josef August Stark in 1838, Ignaz Maria Graf Attems in 1861 and Julie von Benedek in 1895, they made the public presentation of international art possible for the first time in Graz.

Medieval art

In terms of the number of its exponents and by its very nature, the medieval collection of the Alte Galerie is the most important in Austria. It comprises about 205 outstanding panel paintings, shrine altars, frescoes, lenten veils, wooden and stone sculptures as well as 122 fascinating stained glass.  more...

Renaissance and Baroque

The collection of modern art displays major trends in European painting evident from the early 16th century onwards with masterpieces by Lucas Cranch the Elder, Jan Brueghel the Elder and Bartholomäus Spranger, as well as paintings by Johann Georg Platzer and the so-called Kremser Schmidt.  more...

The Graphic collection

The Graphic Collection consists of almost 15,000 works. It contains drawings and prints from the period ranging from 1500 to the end of the 18th century and features internationally renowned names such as Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, Jacques Callot, Stefano della Bella, Rembrandt van Rijn, Daniel Chodowiecki and Richard Earlom, etc.  more...

Kaiserschild Foundation

Permanent loan

Co-proprietor of the HARIBO confectionery company Dr Hans Riegel, who died in 2013, founded the Dr Hans Riegel Foundation in Germany in 1987. It has been a charitable organisation since  more...

"Zum Vergnügen des Publikums" - "For the pleasure of the general public"

21 March 1819 – the start of 200 years of art for the public Remarks on the history of the Paintings Gallery

Two hundred years ago on 11 March, the Grätzer Zeitung (“Graz Journal”) published an “announcement to the public” under the heading “Promulgations of the Estates”, according to which the  more...

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