The history of Alte Galerie

1811 was an annus horribilis in modern Austrian history. Setting up an art collection in Graz appeared unthinkable. With the foundation of the Joanneum, Archduke John nevertheless launched an unprecedented culture and education initiative in the spirit of progressive education, or in modern terms: he pursued an active location policy.


Initial donations by the founder of the museum were followed by a number of bequests. In 1895, the most important came from Julie von Benedek, the widow of the general at the battles of Solferino and Königgrätz. The same year, the collection was transferred to the new museum building at Neutorgasse 45. This prestigious building in the style of Viennese Neo-Baroque was conceived primarily as a "museum of cultural history" of Styria, to which, in keeping with the times, the mediaeval holdings also belong.

The nineteenth-century holdings were split off in 1941. They formed the basis of a new department of the Joanneum: the "Neue Galerie", or New Gallery. The lack of space persisted nevertheless. Since 2005 the Old Gallery is therefore presented with a new look in Schloss Eggenberg.

Alte Galerie, Schloss Eggenberg

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