The Middle Ages

The collection of medieval art largely comprises objects from Styria and, alongside the medieval section at the Belvedere in Vienna, is the most significant collection of its kind in Austria thanks to its wealth of excellent panel paintings and sculptures. The "Admont Virgin"worthy of particular note, a major work of High Gothic sculpture of European standing. Also at a European level, the votive panel and the Bearing of the Cross from St. Lambrecht abbey (Upper Styria) represent the impact of the "International Gothic" style in the Alps region. The main works of the Late Gothic period, above all featuring high-quality Styrian exhibits, include panels by Michael and Friedrich Pacher, leading masters of Late Gothic Art in Tyrol. The increasing influence of the Renaissance and the development of local art are evidenced by the monumental "Grand Miracle Altar of Mariazell" one of the most important pilgrimage churches in Central Europe, and the singular name panel of the master of St Martin from Bruck / Mur.

The collection also includes a substantial holding of High and Late Gothic glass painting from regional places but very close to international tendencies in the late Middele Ages.

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