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Every Story has a Drawing

Kunst- & Naturvermittlung | Kunsthaus Graz

Auch die GIBS (Graz International Bilingual School) beteiligt sich am 3. Oktober am BIG DRAW GRAZ. Im folgenden Beitrag erzählen die Schüler/innen von ihren geplanten Zeichenaktivitäten im Augartenpark von 14 bis 18 Uhr. Wie für alle BIG-DRAW-GRAZ-Aktionen gilt auch hier: Mitmachen ist ausdrücklich erwünscht!

Every Story has a Drawing – with this motto in mind, the Graz International Bilingual School approached the Kunsthaus Graz about a possible cooperation. On Saturday, the 3rd of October, in the afternoon, GIBS students will contribute to the BIG DRAW GRAZ with drawing activities in the Augarten Park and welcome young hearts of all ages to take part.

Shannon Wardell, the initiator from the GIBS:

“The act of drawing, by actively jump-starting the imagination, stimulates the creative energies of those engaged. Creativity is, after all, the most important natural resource in today’s Western world.”

In the following video from the BIG DRAW GRAZ 2014, Shannon talks about his own point of view about drawing in general:

A language that everyone understands

Both natives from Graz and guests from faraway are invited to recognize that every individual has a story. As an international visual language, a drawing can tell this individual story in a way that everyone can understand.

GIBS would like to thank Eileen Adams from the BIG DRAW in England and Dr Angelika Plank, director of Art Education at the University of Art in Linz, for their valuable assistance.







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