Kunsthaus Graz

The “Friendly Alien” is one of the architectural landmarks of Graz, inviting us all to engage with international contemporary art.

Kunsthaus Graz, Space02

New opening hours

The Kunsthaus Graz is open for you: Daily from 10 am to 6 pm
We are looking forward to your visit! 


SHOWING STYRIA: what will be

Towards a Plurality of Futures


The exhibition what will be is dedicated to identifying the traces of the future in the here and now. more...
Kunsthaus Graz, roof,

Audio guides Kunsthaus Graz

Let us guide you through the Kunsthaus Graz with our audio guides and accompany you on a tour of the "Friendly Alien"! 


BIX Media Facade

Realities:united (Tim and Jan Edler), Berliner Studio für Kunst, Architektur und Technologie and more...

Kunsthaus Graz

Friendly Alien

On the banks of the river Mur, on the corner of the Südtirolerplatz and the Lendkai, Graz has a new architectural landmark: the Kunsthaus Graz.



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