Tomislav Gotovac, from: Zagreb, I love you!, 1981,

Body and Territory

Cross-border Dialogues. A cooperation with MSU Zagreb


Body and Territory is to be understood as a dialogue between neighbours, in which connecting elements of artistic practices around the themes of body and identity are made visible. more...

Kunsthaus Graz

The “Friendly Alien” is one of the architectural landmarks of Graz, inviting us all to engage with international contemporary art.

Plamen Dejanoff, Rückbau Palais Slav. Foto: Kunsthaus Graz/M. Grabner

Plamen Dejanoff

Heritage Project


Opening: 07.06.2023, 7 pm
Plamen Dejanoff's solo exhibition at the Kunsthaus Graz shows new works, precisely researched in terms of craftsmanship, which investigate a common European cultural heritage. more...


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BIX media facade

Current projects

The BIX is a light and media façade on the Kunsthaus Graz facing the Mur and the city centre.


Kunsthaus Graz

Friendly Alien

On the banks of the river Mur, on the corner of the Südtirolerplatz and the Lendkai, Graz has a new architectural landmark: the Kunsthaus Graz.